Welcome at Chatz und Huus (Cat and House)

Are you soon going on vacation? Or on a business trip? Do you suddenly decide to leave for a few days?


Do you need someone for Chatz und Huus, who is looking after your cat, waters the flowers, emties the mail box and does all that's necessary when you are away?

If that is the case, then this is exactly the right website for you.


I take good care of your cats and look after your home while you are away. Like this your cats can stay in their usual surroundings.


Below you can find all the services that I can do while you are away. The offers can be adjusted exactly to what you need.


Are you interested? Then get in touch with me and we can fix a date in order to get to know each other.


With best regards


Brigitte Oberholzer

Chatz und Huus, Wallisellen

brigitte@chatz-und-huus.ch, Tel. +41 79 662 1141

Offer 1 - Huus

I visit the house, empty the mailbox, flower the plants, open and close the windows and the shutters.


Price: Fr. 32.00 per day


Offer 2 - Chatz und Huus

I visit the house twice daily, feed the cat (or other small animals), clean the cat's box, empty the mail box, flower the plants, open and close the windows and the shutters. 


Price: Fr. 48.00 per day

Additional Offers

Visit of the veterinarian (for routine checks and vaccinations)

watering the garden

do the shopping and go on errands

The prices for these additional offers depend on the size of the jobs.

Individual Jobs

I could also make an individual offer according to your wishes.

Additional Costs

These prices are valid for households in Wallisellen, Dietlikon, Opfikon- Glattbrugg, Zürich-Schwamendingen und Zürich-Seebach (Leutschenbach).


For households in Zürich-Oerlikon, Dübendorf, Bassersdorf, Kloten and Wangen-Brüttisellen an additional cost for the trip can be asked.


Ready for your vacation?

Don't forget: the cat doesn't want to come with you!

Just call me up. I shall take care of your Chatz und Huus.

Enjoy your vacation without a worry while I look after your Chatz und Huus.

Company Vacation:

  • 9.3.2020 - 20.3.2020
  • 24.8.2020 - 28.8.2020
  • 26.10.2020 - 6.11.2020
  • 8.3.2021 - 19.3.2021


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